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EasyServe for Macintosh
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Welcome to EasyServe, the really, really easy World Wide Web server.

EasyServe is very easy to use. It serves pages to the WWW. That is all it does. There´s no logging, no CGI, no administration of any kind. Simply run EasyServe. You might want to put an alias to EasyServe in your startup items folder. Then any file in the docs folder is served to the WWW. Look in the EasyServe window to find the URL (location) where your documents are served.

EasyServe REQUIRES OpenTransport 1.1. It´s a fat binary for both 68K Macs and PPC Macs.

Download EasyServe 0.5 - 107K download (3/28/97)

Version History

March 28, 1997
EasyServe 0.5, Moved the MIME type list to TEXT resource 128 so that the intrepid can edit it.
April 22, 1996
EasyServe 0.2, Fixed a problem with display of the server URL when the computer does not have a machine name.
April 12, 1996
EasyServe 0.2b1, Added lots of new mime types.
April 11, 1996
Mark Wilson is the first person to set up a personal home page.
April 9, 1996
EasyServe 0.2a2, Fixed mime types, 0.2a1 was always returning text/html!
April 9, 1996
EasyServe 0.2a1, first public release!
Using EasyServe

When you run EasyServe it will display the URL to use to access it from a web browser. EasyServe does not have control over this address, it is set by your network administrator or your internet service provider. Many dial up connections will assign a different address each time you dial up. It is also possible for your internet connection to prevent people outside your site from seeing EasyServe, this often happens at large companies with a firewall. The only way to resolve these problems is to talk to your network administrator or internet service provider.

Security issues are minimal. EasyServe will only serve documents that are in folder called docs which is in the same folder as EasyServe. It will NOT follow aliases. It will not serve anything else on your machine.

When a client requests a folder, EasyServe looks for a file named index.html in that folder. EasyServe always uses port 80. If you don´t know what that means don't worry about it. You can only run one copy per machine.

EasyServe is freeware. It is copyright © 1996 by Jason T. Linhart. I give you permission to use it. You may also give copies to friends, so long as you include all of the files in the original package without modification. It may not be sold or commercially distributed without a written licence from me. It may be included in archives, and distributed on CD-ROM or on other formats so long as there are no charges for these services other than shipping, handling and the cost of media. Use or distribution of EasyServe indicates your agreement to these terms.

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