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LogTran for Macintosh
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LogTran is a $25 shareware utility for Macintosh computers to translate log files in any of several formats into NCSA Combined, WebSTAR, or ExLF format logs. It is also able to filter out entries based on the hostname, request, agent string or virtual server name. This is useful for getting WebSTAR logs into a format that can be read by log analysis packages that don't support WebSTAR format, such as WebTrends. It can also be used to split up log files based on virtual server.

LogTran reads logs from WebSTAR (version 1.2 or higher), QuidProQuo, MacHTTP, Boulevard, FileMaker Pro (brief format only), and several others. LogTran reads all the same log formats as Summary. See the chapter from the Summary manual on log formats for a complete descritption of all the supported formats.

LogTran is shareware, you are free to try it out for 30 days. After that time you must register your copy in order to keep using it.

Download LogTran 1.1 for Macintosh - 224K download (12/14/02)

LogTran Version History

December 14, 2002
LogTran 1.1 - Can now compress translated log files using GZip or BZip2. Can now output NCSA Combined, WebSTAR, or ExLF format log files. Dates in NCSA format logs now use four digit years, instead of just two digits. CONDITIONAL_GET is now translated into GET in NCSA format logs. LogTran is now a Carbon application, so it will run under OS X as well as OS 8 & 9.
May 21, 2001
LogTran 1.0.1 - Fixed a bug that prevented multiple filter-server lines from working at the same time.
January 11, 1999
LogTran 1.0 - This is the first official release of LogTran. The features are exactly the same as the 1.0b4 version, but this version does not expire.
December 19, 1998
LogTran 1.0b4 - Filtering should actualy work in this version. In 1.0b3 a filtered line resulted in the file name or duplicate lines being output to the output file. You can now control the newline format of the output file, Mac, Unix, or DOS. You can now trim off the first directory name from each request, handy for WebSTAR virtual domains when filtered to a single virtual domain. Fixed a bug that caused FileMakerPro brief format logs to have all requests during the hour of noon to be discarded.
December 16, 1998
LogTran 1.0b3 - Added the ability to filter out log entries based on the hostname, request, agent, or virtual server. This can be used to split up logs based on the virtual server or other criteria. There is now an option to discard lines which can not be parsed. There is now a configuration option to set a custom log format so that many more log formats can be parsed.
December 9, 1998
LogTran 1.0b2 - This is the first public release of LogTran.
Using LogTran for Macintosh

If you double click the application, LogTran will translate a file named 'WebSTAR.log' in the same folder as the application. LogTran also supports drag and drop. Logs dropped on the application will be translated with the output file appearing in the same folder as the input file.

LogTran will read logs in WebSTAR Extended format, WebSTAR ExLF format, Microsoft IIS format, Microsoft W3C ExLF format, and several others. For best results, configurable log format servers should be configured to include at least the client hostname, date, time, transfer size in bytes, result code, referer, and agent strings.

LogTran has a configuration file named "logtran.cfg" which must be in the same folder as the LogTran application. There are several configuration commands that control the translation process. Most users will be able to use the default settings.

LogTran is shareware. It is Copyright 1998-2002 by Jason T. Linhart. I give you permission to try it out for 30 days. After that you must register. You may give copies to friends, so long as you include all of the files in the original package without modification. It may not be sold or commercially distributed without a written licence from me. It may be included in archives, and distributed on CD-ROM or on other formats so long as there are no charges for these services other than shipping, handling and the cost of media. Use or distribution of LogTran indicates your agreement to these terms.

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