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Welcome to the Summary.Net software page. We create software for Web authors and internet service providers. And we give away some of the best ones for free. Ok, some of them are commercial products. But we also plan to continue to develop and distribute top quality software for free. So take a look at Analog, LogMerge, LogTran, DNSTran, and EasyServe, we think you´ll be pleased.

Stephen Turner´s Analog is an amazing free Web server log analysis tool. It´s fast, flexible, easy to use, and it produces attractive output. We provide and maintain the Macintosh version of Analog.
LogTran for Macintosh
LogTran translates log files in any of several formats into NCSA Combined logs. This is useful for getting WebSTAR logs into a format that can be read by log analysis packages that don't support WebSTAR format, such as WebTrends.
LogMerge for Windows and Macintosh
LogMerge is a utility to merge log files by date. It reads from any of several formats and writes to any of several formats. It can also filter out entries based on host name, file requested, agent, auth. user, or server name. This is useful for getting logs from a cluster of servers into a form such that Summary, or another log analyzer, can correctly count the visits.
DNSTran for Macintosh, Linux Intel, Sun SPARC, and SGI IRIX, formerly DNSLookup
DNSTran does IP address lookups and translates them into domain names, compressing the log file at the same time. It will work with any log file format. When used with Analog, it can speed up the process of getting a report by a factor of 50 or more if you are currently doing DNS lookups in Analog.
EasyServe for Macintosh
EasyServe is a very simple server for anyone who wants to serve Web pages on a Macintosh.
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